Tempur® Prima


Tempur® Prima

The all new TEMPUR Prima® pillow – providing you with exceptional comfort and support for all-night pressure relief. It perfectly adapts and conforms to your head, neck and shoulders , offering the ideal support for all sleep positions. Featuring TEMPUR Renew® Material made from a blend of repurposed TEMPUR® Material and other high grade comfort materials, you can rest assured that your pillow is more responsibly produced.

Feels: Available in Soft and Medium

Feeling fresh night after night

Our washable cover can be removed for quick and simple machine washing up to 40°C to help keep your pillow feeling fresh and clean. Simply unzip, slip off and wash.

Comfort sleeping on all sides

No matter how you sleep: on your front, your back or your side, our TEMPUR Prima® pillows adapt precisely to your shape for the perfect balance of comfort and support.


From the moment you lie down until you wake up, TEMPUR® responds to your body.

It could simply be the magic of that TEMPUR® feeling when you lie down, helping you to find true, restful sleep. Truth is, it’s all of this and so much more…

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Inside every TEMPUR® Mattress

Developed from NASA space technology, all our mattresses feature the authentic TEMPUR® Material that adapts to your body as you sleep, offering uncompromising comfort and support all night long.

Experience the TEMPUR® difference