Maxene Magalona - Tempur owner/Celebrity

"Before, I would only like really soft pillows, but I noticed I would get stiff neck when I wake up. Tempur would definitely help actors like us because you know, when you have even a simlple stiff neck, it makes you irritable, and it makes you have a bad day... So, generally if you have Tempur, then it wouldn't give you a bad 'Tempur'!" 

Dr. Daniel Su - Tempur Owner/Gonstead Chiropractor

"As a Gonstead chiropractor, having the right pillow and mattress to support the body is very important in achieving a good night's sleep. Tempur's unique design offers comfort and support that I have not found elsewhere. It is the only brand of pillow and mattress that I recommend to all my patients."

Ernie Lopez - Tempur Owner / Athlete

"Your body needs to recover and rebuild, and if you don't have proper sleep and recovery, workouts will be useless. Thus, my mattress has to be Tempur. It's already a part of my life. I have been using Tempur products for over 15 years already. I'm happy with it and it always gets back to the same shape. Even my kids sleep better and longer on Tempur."

Ed Francisco - Tempur Owner / President, BDO Investment Banking Group

"I'm a banker by day and outside of work, I'm a triathlete. For people above 40 and are athletes, sleep is important for recovery. That's where the bed comes in. If you don't sleep well, you get tired easily. 

I've been using Tempur for about 4 or 5 years now. Tempur has helped me both in my work and as a triathlete. When I'm exhausted from the office of from working out, I just have to go home to my bed and rest, recharge and recover."

Martin and Angela Jickain with kids, Liam and Ellie - Tempur Owners/Family

"To be able to sleep well is a gift. Getting enough sleep makes you productive the following day. 

Before, we were hesitant to buy Tempur because it's expensive but we realized, it's a good investment in the long run. We used to experience neck pains but now that we have Tempur, we are guaranteed a good night's sleep."

Donita Rose Cavett - Tempur Owner/Celebrity

"I've been suing Tempur pillows for a long time. Before I left for the States, I probably had about 5 Tempur Pillows. Now, Im so excited to have the mattress-very excited! I couldn't wait to enjoy a good night's sleep without having to switch sides and experience numbness of the arms."

Linda Lim - Tempur owner/Businesswoman

"I was able to sleep soundly and well ever since I bought the Tempur bed. It was recommended to me by my sister-in-law, also a Tempur owner, when I mentioned to her that I have a problem in my lumber and back area.

I am happy and satisfied. The price is really worth it. I want to recomment it to others because for one's health, it's a good investment."

Miguel, Nicole and Andy Syjuco - Tempur Owners/Young Family

"We love to travel and when we do, we miss our bed a lot. The hotels that we stay in, they have good pillows, but its still not the same.

At first, we found it expensive. But after trying it out, its never the same. It's really a different experience once we started using Tempur. Most of the time we feel that we don't want to get up anymore."

Nexon and Haxel Ng - Tempur Owners/Husband and Wife

"Sleep really matters - you send 1/3 of your life sleeping.

Sleeping on a Tempur mattress is a reward, you buy it for yourself. It is one of the good investments you'll do in your life."


Betty Go-Lim and Sheila Lim-Choy -Tempur Owners /Mom and daughter

"For a family who loves sleeping, sleep is like a luxury to us.

We'd rather buy Tempur than travel or buy jewelry. Tempur has changed the way we sleep. It's like waking up feeling beautiful."